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New and Improved PACS administrator courses

The In2pacs Academy has released new dates for its New and Improved “Introduction to PACS/RIS Administration and Management” course. We’ve reviewed the feedback from our candidates attending courses last year, and it was clear that they wanted more practical sessions. They also felt the introduction course needed to be longer, allowing for more time to absorb the information presented. With this in mind, it was decided to increase the introduction course by 1 day and deliver the content over 3 days, not 2. The restructuring of the course also introduces a dual teaching medium with lectures in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon. The Academy will provide hardware, open source software, and networking equipment to enhance the candidate's interaction with IT systems. The concepts, message and foundation behind the training are still the same, it’s just structured differently to give candidates a better learning experience. In the process of restructuring, we also redesigned our training material to align better with the PARCA (CPAS) exam requirements.

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