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Introduction to PACS/RIS Administration and Management Course


A PACS administrator is a professional who orchestrates a complex set of functions in supporting an imaging informatics solution. This solution may comprise of a Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) and/or Radiology Information System (RIS).


To support these solutions requires a unique set of skills which cross over between IT, Clinical and Management.


We mold and develop personnel in the medical field, into effective Imaging informatics administrators with knowledge and practical experience.

Registraion Opening in March 2019

Course Outline:


Day 1: IT Module for PACS/RIS Administrators

  • Computer basics and terminology

  • Data representation Binary, Hexadecimal

  • Hardware basics

  • Networking basics

  • Security basics

  • Operating systems and their tools

  • Database technology

  • Mobile technology

  • Practical session - Working with hardware, software and network connectivity


Day 2: Clinical Module for PACS/RIS Administrators

  • PACS/HIS/RIS concepts and terminology

  • Medical Imaging Workflow

  • Introduction to DICOM, HL7 and IHE Basics

  • Clinical Basics and Terminology

  • Coding systems

  • Basic Human Anatomy

  • Positioning, Orientation used in digital imaging

  • Modality imaging characteristics

  • Image Quality and QA/QC

  • Practical session - Working with PACS software, images and quality control

Day 3: PACS/RIS Management module for PACS/RIS Administrators

  • Project management methodologies

  • PACS/RIS procurement

  • Configuration management

  • Administration and maintenance management

  • Supervising modality integrations

  • Developing Service Level Agreements

  • Practical session - Working with project documentation, configurations and testing




18 CEU's

Level 1

When and Where
Park Inn Sandton
29 to 31 May 2019

Course objectives:

To provide candidates with knowledge and a unique set of skills, allowing them to perform their day to day tasks as PACS/RIS administrators and enhancing the value they add to the overall PACS/RIS solution.

Establish common clinical and technical foundation in concepts and vocabulary. Introduction to the basics of healthcare IT-medical image management and interoperability standards.

Course Structure:

The training course is delivered over 3 days and includes a mixed method of training. The morning sessions are presentation based lectures while the afternoon sessions are dedicated to practical exercises.

Course Includes:

All training material

Hardware for practical sessions

Morning  tea, coffee and snacks


Afternoon tea, coffee and snacks

Complimentary Parking

Complimentary Wi-Fi

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