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What is a Healthcare Imaging Informatics Professional?


In the early days of digital radiology the term PACS administrator was used to describe the individual responsible for managing the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), but over the years the terminology has changed, and today we talk about a healthcare Imaging Informatics professional. 


Today a healthcare Imaging Informatics professional can have a variety of responsibilities, and their functions are not only limited to PACS. They can also be responsible to manage Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Voice recognition systems, Billing systems, hardware, software and network infrastructure. They manage databases, procure, deploy and integrate new imaging technologies, project manage solution upgrades, train users, develop quality control programs, manage IT policies, troubleshoot, maintain data integrity, security and manage service providers and service contracts.


To deliver on all these responsibilities a healthcare Imaging Informatics professional requires a broad set of skills which cross over between clinical awareness and IT knowledge. At the academy, we provide training courses to up-skill these individuals.

The key to success


At the In2pacs Academy, we have structured a path to enhance your Imaging Informatics skill set. The academy training courses focus on key areas of skills development which are essential to being a successful Imaging Informatics healthcare professional.


Currently, the academy has 2 courses available; the first “Introduction to PACS Administration and Management” is focused on introducing IT staff to clinical basics, terminology, clinical workflow and imaging modalities in the context of imaging informatics, while also giving radiographers an introduction into IT basics and terminology used in health care. The course also introduces candidates to healthcare standards such as DICOM and HL7. From the management perspective, the course covers project management terminology and structure.


The second course "Advanced PACS Protocols and Interfacing” is an extension to the first course, building on the knowledge gained from the first course candidates are introduced to advanced DICOM, HL7 and IHE. We extend our IT understanding and expand on PACS components, workflow and process.  The course closes with a hands-on session where all the skills developed during the training are used in practical exercises.


Both courses combined give candidates an in-depth knowledge and understanding of imaging informatics. With this acquired expertise candidates can return to the workplace confident in the knowledge that they will be better prepared to solve the issues and challenges directed their way.

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