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INTRODUCTION:  Clive Daniell is a qualified electrical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the medical imaging field. He started his career with Siemens Medical where he trained as a CT, MRI and X-ray technician. In 1996 Clive shifted his focus to PACS, RIS and Information Management systems. He was responsible for the implementation of the first digital department in South Africa at Little Company of Mary hospital in Pretoria. Since then Clive has worked continuously in the PACS, RIS industry being involved in the design, implementation, project management and training of many PACS, RIS and Teleradiology projects in Southern Africa. In 2006 Clive started his own consulting company to offer an independent view on PACS and RIS in Africa. Clive has also been involved in many training initiatives, including organising the 1st and 2nd African PACS, RIS Edu-conference’s held in Cape Town and Johannesburg in 2009 and 2012 respectively. Clive is the founder of In2pacs and the In2pacs Academy.


SPECIALTIES: Healthcare Informatics; Interoperability Standards; DICOM; HL7; IHE; PACS; RIS; Medical Imaging; Medical Devices; Project Management; Consulting; DICOM Professional; Training and Coaching.



  • Workflow development and solution requirements interpretation

  • PACS deployment Project Management experience

  • Advisory, consulting, training in healthcare interoperability standards and medical imaging technology

  • Strong DICOM and HL7 integration expertise



  • Implementation of the first digital department in South Africa at LCM in Pretoria.

  • Implementation of an enterprise wide web based PACS distributed solution in Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg.

  • Software, workflow and interoperability design of a RIS/PACS solution for the South African private radiology market.

  • Design and implementation of a central reporting solution incorporating 30 remote sites sending to a central PACS archive for reporting. The solution included an enterprise wide image distribution portal.

  • Deployment of PACS and RIS into 3 large tertiary hospitals in the Western Cape Region of South African. The hospitals included Tygerberg, Groote Schuur and Red Cross War Memorial children’ hospitals.



  • Pro Med Computer Services

  • Siemens Medical

  • Philips Medical

  • Agfa

  • General Electric



National Higher Diploma Electrical Engineering LC, University Johannesburg.

INTRODUCTION: Without any doubt, Todd is perhaps the most experienced living PACS/DICOM resource on earth. With over 20 years of experience in PACS implementation, connectivity, management and training in Philips, Siemens, Merge, & Salvesta. Todd is an excellent resource to enrich your PACS related knowledge.


SUMMARY: Resourceful cross domain IT experience with a good mixture of business, academic and technical skills; Strong exposure to medical devices and imaging informatics in a variety of roles at different levels; Ability to maintain processes, standards and good practices while managing, leading and inspiring;


SPECIALTIES: Healthcare Informatics; Interoperability Standards; DICOM; HL7; IHE; PACS; Medical Imaging; Medical Devices; Parallel Computing; Senior Level Management; Project Management; Consulting; DICOM Professional; Training and Coaching.



Management skills in medical devices in a variety of roles at different levels;

  • PACS deployment Project Management experience;

  • Advisory, consulting, training and coaching skills in healthcare interoperability standards and medical imaging technology;

  • Strong DICOM and IHE PACS integration expertise;



Todd has been working in DICOM/IHE interoperability for more than 15 years. In 1996 he developed one of the first toolkits, implementing the client and the server sides of Image Storage with lossless and lossy compression, Query Retrieve and Modality Work list as well as Print SCU. He participated in DICOM WG11 and contributed to the community on DICOM news group during the pioneering stages of the first commercial PACS architectures and implementations.


His results were reported on Radiology’98 in Birmingham. Later he acquired experience in validating DICOM implementations and training for Merge Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Philips and other companies worldwide as well as in project managing PACS deployment.

While working in the area of molecular imaging, Todd acquired knowledge and understanding in the areas of Nuclear Medicine (PET and SPECT imaging), RT Planning as well as Image Registration. He was one of the driving forces for improving interoperability in these areas. He participated in WG3 for Enhanced PET and was the draft author of the Image Fusion Profile (FUS) in IHE.

In 2007 Todd became an independent consultant providing training and consultancy for medical companies, healthcare institutions and individuals.



Project Manager: Philips Healthcare

Interoperability Project Manager: Siemens Molecular Imaging, Oxford

System Integration Consultant: Merge Healthcare



MBCS CITP PRINCE2 Practitioner DIC Medical Physics and Engineering, Imperial College, London PhD Computer Science, Technical University, Sofia MSc Electrical Engineering, Technical University, Sofia



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